Tiny Tots Sports

Tiny Tots Academy

“BK Sports offers the Tiny Tots Academy for sports development and activities for children aged 18 months to 5 years. The Academy’s goal is to encourage the love of sports and physical activities from very young age, and develop their athletic skills as they advance in their growth. The Tiny Tots Academy is a promise to develop more engaged, confident, and vibrant young people through a robust sports- and skills- based foundation”

Tiny Tots Basketball

basketball 1

“Our Tiny Tots are taught by qualified coaches who will unlock your child’s potential as a mini-athlete in basketball. They will be taught core skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting in a fun and interactive way.”

Tiny Tots Football

“Our Tiny Tots are introduced to the team concept in football. and how to connect with their teammates. They are trained in sport gameplay and learn how to help their peers in order to reach a common goal together.”

Tiny Tots Tennis

“Our Tiny Tots learn and practice stroke methods, correct footwork, and game etiquette while engaging in a fun and exciting environment to play tennis. The program develops physical stamina and agility, while teaching the importance of sportsmanship.”

Tiny Tots Taekwondo

“Our Tiny Tots are taught how to use their bodies effectively to carry out basic patterns, forms and global concept of martial arts.”