About BK Sports

BK Sports strongly believes in striving to perfect the balance between sports and
‎education. Our community-based programs are specifically designed to instill healthy future ‎habits, along with the love of learning and a continued desire to participate insports-related ‎activities.
We understand that the ability to make healthier lifestyle choices begins primarily ‎with education. As such, we diligently seek to develop and maintain close relationships with a ‎multitude of schools, nurseries, and other educational organizations in Qatar.‎

Our Mission

Community is very important to us at BK Sports and is reflected in making certain our programs ‎remain affordable and accessible for all. We see the importance of developing a sports culture in children ‎early and ensuring that they have a strong educational and sports foundation to build upon.‎

Management Message

We wanted to take some time to reflect on the successful launching of BK Sports.
We’ve ‎enjoyed exponential media coverage and membership growth. This is all thanks to you, our ‎valued members and partners. Your commitment to BK Sports is the driving change in the ‎Industry as well as the force behind our growing influence.

‎Qatar has become the sports haven since Asian Games was held in Doha way back years ago. With 2022 coming up, we aim to train amateur and professional athletes to improve their skills ‎and be one of the representatives of Qatar for the next Olympics Sports.